Plant/Tree Health Care

This pest is a serious insect pest of boxwood. A high population can defoliate and kill boxwoods.
At Yard Birds we strive to ensure that our clients’ trees and plants are managed responsibly from the aspect of environmental health and safety, while maintaining beautiful landscape design.

Yard Birds will help you—

  • choose the perfect plant material for optimum health and vitality
  • cultivate healthy soil
  • apply methods for minimal plant disease and insect damage
  • provide regular fertilization—prescription level where needed

At Yard Birds we know that a healthy landscape ensures natural defenses against pests and disease.

Insects are active in late spring to mid-summer. A notorious defoliator to most evergreens.
This is actually a bacteria that can kill a tree within one year. Very common on crabapple, apple, quince and pears.
Phytopthora – this is by far the most common disease within the landscape. This disease is caused by a variety of abiotic factors; often misdiagnosed.
This picture shows the untreated leaves (upper) compared to the treated (lower) leaves. This dogwood has two diseases; anthracnose and powdery mildew.

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