Arboriculture Tree Care

Fungal Bodies on the trunk of a tree indicates a significant amount of decay within the trunk; a risk assessment would be recommended.
Healthy trees create an inviting habitat for both people and wildlife while helping cool your home and lower air conditioning costs. Well cared-for trees can also add considerable value to your property, while diseased trees may reduce the value of your home.

The professionals at Yard Birds are experts in the fields of—

  • tree surgery and trimming
  • tree removal
  • new tree choice and healthy establishment
  • nutrient management—a responsible approach to fertilizing
  • cabling and/or bracing
  • aeration to improve root growth
  • inventories and risk assessments
Working with nature, Yard Birds cultivates healthy trees which are easier to care for and more enjoyable for your family, pets, wildlife, and the environment.

Tree preservation is essential pre and post construction on any structure.
Vines growing on trunks often damage the bark and cambium of the tree.

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